Fundraising for AFRINIC

Dear African Internet Community and partners,

You are probably aware that AFRINIC, the Regional Internet Registry for Africa, is involved in ongoing litigation, where the plaintiff has sought to have AFRINIC’s bank accounts frozen.

In today’s connected world, it is easy to abstract the Internet into simply moving bits and bytes, and forget that there are real people that work hard at building, maintaining and providing support for the systems that you, and the Internet, need to continue working and engaging.

The litigation has made it difficult for AFRINIC to meet its financial obligations. Part of these expenses are salaries for the AFRINIC team, who are resolutely working through this difficult period. Whilst we recognise that the legal system has to complete its important process, “our colleagues still need to survive” during one of the worst pandemics in memory. As an operational entity, that is core to a functioning Internet, AFRINIC still has financial obligations that it must meet to its suppliers.

Af-IX, in collaboration with our partners[1] are therefore embarking on a fund-raising exercise to help keep AFRINIC's core functions and services running for the next three months. As a broader community, we are dependent on this registry, whose service of allocating and registering Internet Number Resources (IPv4, IPv6 and ASN) has enabled communication for the development and growth of the Internet In the African region.

We invite you to be part of the community of supporters to ensure that AFRINIC can continue to play the vital role it has, for the sustainable digital growth in Africa.

You can choose to donate any amount via the URL below. The funds collected will be used to support the team by ensuring the core functions of AFRINIC continue without risk.

DONATE TO KEEP AFRINIC UP HERE; https://www.tespok.co.ke/?page_id=14001

The Af-IX is ably supported in this initiative by the;

Technology Service Providers of Kenya - TESPOK
Tanzania ISP Association - TISPA
Angola ISP Association - AAPSI
Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria - IXPN

For additional information, please feel free to contact us, or any of our partners through the following email addresses below:

info@af-ix.net | tespok@tespok.co.ke | secretariat@tispa.or.tz | secretariado@aapsi.og.ao | info@ixp.net.ng


Supporting Organisations


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is AFRINIC involved in litigation?
A complete summary is available here --> https://www.afrinic.net/20210727-ceo-addresses-freezing-of-afrinic-financial-accounts

Why are you doing this?
A frozen bank account poses a risk to AFRINIC’s operations. Additionally, AFRINIC staff are still working, and they have families and other real-world expenses to manage, and will have income whilst AFRINIC’s accounts are frozen.

What about the NRO continuity fund?
The NRO continuity fund is available specifically to ensure registry and PDP support. But the AFRINIC team is so much more than just the registry and PDP. It is grossly unfair to have

Why is AFRINIC not doing this themselves?
AFRINIC has no access to funding that it may receive directly. Although you may make deposits into the AFRINIC’s banking accounts (as some new members are doing) AFRINIC can not draw on those resources because of the current status quo. As a result Af-IX and partners are taking it upon ourselves to front-end the funding experience for AFRINIC.

Why am I being redirected to a TESPOK website?
TESPOK has kindly agreed to be the administrative front-end for this process. With more than 20 years of professional service to the regional internet community. Kenya is one of the countries that offers a suitable environment for the proposed financial transactions, with the ability to quickly have the required system in place.

How will the funds be disbursed?
TESPOK will reach out to AFRINIC to request for details of pending payments, to which AFRINIC will reply with the following:
i. Email with the subject: Request for Payment to the TESPOK finance email
ii. Attachment of invoice clearly stating Payee name with clear contact information: physical address; postal address; payee telephone number
iii. Bank account details: Bank Name, Branch, Account Number, IBAN Number, Intermediary Bank if required, SWIFT code, Sort Code, Routing Number (depending on jurisdiction receiving requirements)
iv. Copies of all transactions incoming and outgoing will be accessible via a report on the fundraising site.

How will you ensure appropriate auditing is in place?
i. Maintenance of proper books of accounts with records of of all transactions incoming and outgoing
ii. Internal audit checks and controls will be established