Tanzania Internet Exchange - Tanzania IX - TIX

Tanzania Internet eXchange (TIX) —  is a project of TISPA and you can visit the portal here.

TIX is currently the main and most successful project of  the Tanzania Internet Service Providers Association (TISPA). The intention of the TIX was to provide a local facility to the exchange of internet traffic. This is usually best done by an independent body like an Industry association.

We shall always encourage ISPs in Tanzania to connect their networks with each other and transfer traffic more directly as this will offer new and better routing possibilities, make the surfing of local websites enjoyable and give new opportunities for local content and local business. Last but not least it will also save hard cash for international satellite links.

TIX is situated on 13th floor of Posta House in Dar es Salaam.

Services at The TIX Overview

We operate neutral, reliable, high-speed peering infrastructure in a centrally located facility that is easily accessible to both fibre and wireless networks. We host route servers, Root DNS infrastructure, multiple Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), and other value-added services. We allow both bi-lateral and multi-lateral peering. We also provide monitoring, statistics, and technical support.

To get connected, review our pricing and follow the steps in our new participant connection guide. If you have questions, please contact us.

Peering ports

All peers get 10/100/1000 Mbps port, power and 2 RU on joining and TISPA members get a discounted rate.

Port Capacity                   Non-Recurring Cost (NRC)                   ARC(TISPA Member)                   ARC (Non TISPA Member)
10/100/1000 Mbps                    $1500                                                             $2000                                      $4000
10 Gbps                                       $500                                                               $4500                                      $5000

Additional services
Additional 10/100/1000 port                                                                         $1200                                       $1700
Additional 10 G port                                                                                         $4125                                       $4625

These services are available to customers which also pay for one or more peering ports:

Description                                     Non-Recurring Cost (NRC)                   Annual Recurring Cost (ARC)
VLAN                                                                           $100                                               Free
Cross-connect or PNI                                                Free                                              $300
Additional Rack Unit (RU)                                        $100                                              $720
Additional Peering IP Address                               *Free                                              *Free

Important notes

  • Prices are in United States Dollars (USD) and exclude VAT.
  • All fees are billed annually and one time payments are most encouraged.
    Payments must be submitted in full within 60 days of invoicing and are non-refundable.
  • All networks must sign and abide by the terms listed in our Memorandum of Understanding available here.

More details are available here TIX